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Just what is the Super Fun Happy Slide?

I've always kept an eye out for humorous files, jokes, etc. on the web, and have seen some hilarious stuff come through my e-mail account. After getting a good laugh, I usually just deleted the file. Of course, two months later, I'd be kicking myself for doing so. I figured, what the hey, I'll just stick them up on a website, so I can always find them. And for other people to enjoy too, of course.

Anyways, some of the stuff can be pretty raunchy, so I've developed a rating system, which I shall explain here.

Rated MomNobody could possibly, in a million years, ever ever ever take offense to this file. It is completely and utterly G rated, and even your Mom wouldn't be offended. The Pope would say "That'sa fine". No one could ever even conceivably find anything dirty, offensive, or even vaguely smutty about this file. In other words, boring.

Rated TeenNothing especially dirty or smutty, fine for most people. Probably would still annoy your Mom, but lets face it, she always over-reacts anyway.

Rated DadWe're definitely getting into the good stuff here. These files can be racey, contain nudity, course language, or adult situations. No hard core porno here (I'm not that kind of website!), but definitely not something you'd want to be showing your Church group.

Rated Eww!Ok, I admit it, these ones are downright gross. Still funny, but disgusting, purile, and pretty bizarre. You HAVE been warned. These are, of course, the files that everyone usually downloads first.

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