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Bizarro Cafe Guarantee     At the Bizarro Cafe, you can rest assured that our staff have gathered together only the grossest, most purile, disgusting, and downright sick (yet still funny) signs, advertisements, gift ideas and household products from around the world.
     All of our products have been pre-tested on a group of alcoholic truck drivers, and even they were disgusted. Thus, only the finest purile nonsense makes it onto these pages! So sit back, relax, grab an air-sickness bag, and prepare to embark on a journey that we like to call "The Bizarro Cafe Voyage of Putresence!
Food and Drink
     Sometimes, you wonder who's worse - the idiot advertisers who actually think people are stupid enough to injest these products...or the idiot consumers who obviously go out and do just that!
Household Products
     From those nimble-minded individuals who brought you "Bubble-gum Scented Shampoo" (had kids puking up soap bubbles all over America) come some of the stupidest, most idiotic, and down-right dangerous household products ever to hit the shelves. We highly recommend the use of rubber gloves to those who visit this section.
Just Plain Tacky
     These ones are...well, let's face extremely bad taste. Gross, purile, disgusting - if you're looking to scrape the bottom of the barrel, this is the place to go. Air-sickness bags not included.
Gift Ideas
     And you thought those late night "RONCO SPRAY-PAINT ON HAIR" things were stupid - check out some of these beauties! In here, you'll find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for drooling moron in the family!
Strange Signs
     We've all seen them - driving down the road, there for all to see. Some huge sign, advertising a business, obviously put up by someone with a 3rd grade education. Strange companies, poor spelling, unforseen sexual induendos...without these signs, the world would be a much less odd place to live.
     If it defies description, you'll find it here. Even I'm not too sure what this stuff is. Enter at your own risk.

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