Bizarro's Super Fun Happy Slide

Rating File Description
Rated Teen redneck.avi It involves rednecks. Rednecks die. 'Nuff said (356 K)
Rated Eww! push.avi It involves feces. 'Nuff said (151 K)
Rated Mom desk.mpeg Ever had one of those days where you'd like to kill your computer? This guy went and did it! (417 K)
Rated Teen croc.mpeg What happens when an idiot puts his head in a crocodile's mouth?(1.3 M)
Rated Teen beachkid.avi Taken from one of those popular Japanese shows, a kid takes advantage of his father while he is buried in the sand. (580 K)
Rated Teen chimp-smell.mpeg A chimp finds his own body odour a bit overwhelming. (373 K)
Rated Eww! monkey.mpg A chimp finds a rather unique way to quench his thirst. This is rather gross. (937 K)

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