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Rating Thumbnail Description
Rated Mom E-Trading Lots of people are trading stocks here to find out why!
Rated Mom Evolution of Man The Evolution of Man - from ape to Internet Addict!
Rated Teen Johnny The world's first ever Visual Little Johnny Joke!
Rated Teen Eating A variation on the "Nut 'n Honey" commercials.
Rated Mom Calvin Goes Flush A cute animated in gif in which Calvin (of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame) goes for a ride in the toilet.
Rated Mom Beer Poster A nice beer poster.
Rated Mom Safe Computing Some of the best ways to keep your computer safe from e-mail viruses.
Rated Mom Honesty A cute cartoon - Honesty on the Internet.
Rated Teen Monica A cute cartoon - Monica Lewinsky withholding evidence.
Rated Teen Bert's Mug Shot Bert from Sesame Street - new shocking photos indicate that he may be Evil!
Rated Teen Edna Geddes The Evil Baby Conspiracy - learn about it, before it affects your life!
Rated Teen Johnny Bizarro is proud to bring you the first visual Little Johnny joke in history!
Rated Mom Tae-Bo Info Exactly why is Tae Bo so popular with Americans?
Rated Teen Easter Just how do they make Easter eggs, anyway?
Rated Mom Military Recruitment Woes How is the US Military attracting new recruits?
Rated Mom s The Worst-Selling Girl Scout Cookies ever!
Rated Mom Oscar Some of our most memorable moments from the Oscars!
Rated Teen Lazy Workers Some city worker proves just how lazy public servants can be.
Rated Teen Sesame Straat This version of Sesame Street has been altered for Ebonics.
Rated Dad The Balls Page Ever wondered what famous testicles looked like? Now's your chance to find out. Be careful, there are pictures of testicles here.
Rated Dad The Crotchmaster A nice incentive to get women to exercise.

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