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Bert is Evil!

I would like to begin by crediting the creator of these pictures - perhaps the funniest damn pictures on the web. They were created by Fractal Cow Studios, and I highly recommend you visit their site!

Bert is Evil!
Bert and Ernie
The Children's Television Workshop has desperately tried to cover up this photo, taken by Oscar at a Seseme Street Wrap Party.
Is Bert an alien? Recently released FBI documents seem to support this theory.
Bert's Mug Shot
In an attempt to show just how evil bert is, we first present his mug shot, taken after Bert was arrested in 1983 for selling cocaine.
Bert and Ernie at the Strip Club
Here, we see one of the many times Bert has tried to corrupt innocent young Ernie. In this picture, Bert has lured Ernine into a strip club.
Bert and Hitler
The notorious Bert/Hitler connection - need we say more?
Bert and Michael Jackson
Bert spent many years with the young Michael Jackson. Here, we see Bert touching Michael's "special spot" - a habit which Michael has unto this very day.
Bert and Pam
Here is an excerpt from the notorious Pamela Anderson/Bert pornographic video tape. According to Pam, "Bert make's Tommy Lee look like 'Tommy Wee Wee'."
Bert on Jerry
This picture was taken from The Jerry Springer Show, when Bert was a guest star.
Bert in the KKK
A man almost died, smuggling this picture out of a KKK meeting. Here, we see "Supreme Grand Dragon Wizard" Bert leading a KKK rally, somewhere in Georgia.
The Unabombert
Recently, new artist's composites have been released by the FBI, indicating that Bert may have been involved in the infamous "Unabomber" attacks.
Crop Circles
This picture was stolen from secret FBI files. Here, we see a mysterious crop circle, which shows a definite Bert-like formation in the center. Experts now believe the circles to have been created by an evil alien race, as a tribute to Bert.
Bert with Swaggert
Again, this picture does not prove that Bert had anything to do with the Swaggert incident, but sources do tell us that Bert provided Rev. Swaggert with "as many hookers as the horny old bastard could handle".
Bert on Mars?
Recent NASA photographs indicate a new face-like mountain range on Mars. Who does it look like? That's right, Bert.
Bert on Mars?
In this enhanced close-up, we can see just how eery the resemblance is. Mere coincidence? Or evidence that Bert's conspiracy of evil spans planets?
Bert and OJ
CNN has recently released photos showing that Bert was beside OJ Simpson during his trial.
Bert and OJ
Bert has always supported OJ's right "To kill any damned bitch he pleases."
Bert and OJ

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